Sweater Pillow

Sweater Pillow

I saw this on Pinterest.com and absolutely loved it.  I immediately searched through my drawers to find an old sweater (and trust me, I have many clothes that I don’t wear anymore for whatever reason, but just have trouble getting rid of…who’s with me?).

The first one I found was this very lovely cream one.  The only problem was (according to the pattern) it had buttons at the top and I was afraid it wouldn’t work.  But you know me, or maybe you don’t quite yet, but I gave it a whirl.  Worse case scenario is I would have to throw the sweater away…darn.

I laid out my pillow on top of the sweater and just got an idea of how big I needed.  I cut the sweater to 1 inch bigger than the pillow to allow for seams.  I wanted it to fit tight though, so no more than an inch.

I then turned it inside out to sew along the three sides (using a half inch seam allowance).  Turn it right side out and insert your pillow.  Now is the tricky part.  I didn’t fuss about my seam, but you experts out there could put a zipper in.  that would make it easy to wash and change out if you like.  I’m not a seamstress and believe it or not, I have never sewed a zipper in ANYTHING!

The next step, I took my fingers and pressed the seam together so that I could just sew a straight line.  This wasn’t too hard and I made sure that the seam was on the bottom of my pillow so it would hide it when on the couch or chair.

Viola!  Finished!  It took me maybe 20 minutes to make this adorable pillow from start to finish.  I absolutely love it and I WILL be making more!  There’s just something about pillows that make my home feel comfy and cozy.

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