About Me

About Me

Hi there, I’m Lori.  Welcome to Radically Devoted.  I’m so excited to have you here and I hope you enjoy yourself.

I was born and raised in Hershey Pennsylvania.  After getting married to my wonderful hubby, Brydon, we lived in several different towns a few miles away for about 12 years.  We finally decided to move back to Hershey where we raised our two boys (Brydon IV and Coleman).

I was a stay-at-home mom for 12 years while my boys grew up (very fast, I might add) and now I am a Program Director at Hope Springs Farm; a day program for adults with intellectual disabilities.  I graduated from high school in 1983 and now I am a part time college student at Harrisburg Area Community College trying to get my degree in Human Services.  It just goes to show you that it is NEVER too late to go back to school!   Who would have thought that my boys now would be helping ME with homework?  I’m sure not them!

Why Radically Devoted?   Because I strive to be devoted to everything that I am and can be, and that is not an easy feat! I would like to bring you along for the ride and help you any way that I can.  I’m a Christian, a wife to the best man in the world, a mother to two awesome young men, an essential oiler, a crafter of everything, and a Breast Cancer Survivor!  I love life and love all that it has to offer.

My most important goal is to become radically devoted to God, along with being devoted to my husband, my kids and yes, every single one of my hobbies and crafts!

Being radical just means that you are in it all the way.  It’s all or nothing.  Go big or go home!   This sounds extremely hard and very time consuming.  But if you think about it, why not be radically devoted?  I don’t want to be in it for “good enough”.  I want to be all in.  I don’t want life to be acceptable, I want it to be EXCEPTIONAL.   I’m not going to worry if I fail or fall short because I do every day.  All I can do is be everything that I can be…. always.

I hope you will join me and maybe we can help each other.  I’ll share with you what gets me through a tough day, things that make me happy and how to be content with what you have.