Month: April 2017

Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

Spring is my favorite season for so many reasons.  It just reminds me of a fresh clean start.  The trees are in bloom, flowers bud and the smell in the air is so crisp and clean.  It’s a great time to get those germs out of the house, open up the windows and clean, clean, clean.  It sounds so tedious but with Young Living Essential Oils, it’s so easy, and it can actually be enjoyable.

If you’re not an essential rewards member, you need to be to get in on this great deal!

Once you become an essential rewards member, get started with this month’s promotion filled with cleaning basics such as Thieves Household cleaner and Tea Tree essential oil.

This all-purpose cleaner can be used on any surface in your home for dusting, spot cleaning, scrubbing, or any other cleaning need. Wherever you use it, you’ll feel good knowing it’s safe to use around everyone in your family, including pets.

I love cleaning my counters and floors in the kitchen and bathroom with my Thieves household cleaner.  It smells so fresh and clean!  Formulated with the power of Young Living’s Thieves oil blend, you can get a deep clean without dangerous or synthetic ingredients, or that harsh chemical smell. Thieves cleaner also includes the scent of Lemon essential oil for an even more uplifting aroma. Chores will feel like less of a chore with the sweet-and-spicy scent and effective cleaning power of Thieves Household Cleaner.


Young Living also has “mini” kits to get you started.

Essential Oil Basic Set

Treat yourself and the people you love to these Young Living must-haves. This set includes three of the most-loved, easy-to-use oils—Lavender, Peppermint, and Thieves®—and a helpful usage booklet. It’s a great way to stock up on the basics you can’t live without or share your essential oil love with friends and family members!


  • 5-ml Thieves® essential oil blend
  • 5-ml Lavender essential oil
  • 5-ml Peppermint essential oil
  • Essential Oils 101 booklet

Citrus Vitality Set

Add a splash of citrus to your spring cooking with this collection! Featuring YL’s most popular citrus Vitality™ oils, this set is the perfect way to add some zest to your favorite spring recipes, including sorbets, marinades, popsicles, vinaigrettes, roasted veggies, and more!

If you would like to know more about Young Living essential oils, leave a comment below or send me an email.  I’d be happy to walk you through the steps.

Spending Time with God

Spending Time with God


I admit that it is so difficult for me (and maybe it’s the same for many of you) to actually take the time and just sit in a quiet room, with no distractions, no cell phone, no TV, and just spend time with God.  We have such busy lives (which I really hate sometimes)…things we need to get done, places we need to be, errands we need to run and people that need us, that we just have no time left for God.

It makes me sad really.  Why is this “stuff” all so important to us?

How often do we wonder why we don’t hear from God?  But the question is…do we really take the time to listen?  It’s not that he’s not talking to us, it’s that we are not listening.

A few months ago, I’ve decided to try to change that in my life.

We all have this great resource called THE COMPUTER (yes, the technology I condemned earlier) that we use for most everything in our lives.  What if we put it to work for the Greater good?

Luis Palau talks about spending time with God and how important it is for us to just sit and listen and talk to Him.  It’s important to turn off the TV, Facebook and other “noises” that distract us and we need to just sit quietly and pray.

There are three very important things that can help us on this journey.


Pray, pray, pray.  God hears us.  Pray while you’re driving, when you wake up in the middle of the night, and when you go for that quiet walk.  Talk to God all day long throughout the day.  I find when I pray, I am able to remain calm about things that I am worried about.  It IS true what Philippians 4:6 says “Do not be anxious about anything.  Instead, in every situation, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, tell your requests to God.”

You don’t have to be eloquent in your prayers.  Simply just talk to God as if He was your friend sitting next you.  Tell Him what’s on your mind and what you are worried about.  I promise you will feel better.

Start a prayer journal and write out your prayers in your journal.  I found this great idea for a prayer journal here.  It’s quite amazing and free!   It is also so surprising to go back and read your prayers months from now and find out how God answered them.  Sometimes  God might not answer my prayers the way that I wanted Him to but then I read them and see that He did answer my prayer in His way.  My prayer life has really changed since I started doing this.  If you’re not a “journal-er”, that’s OK…just jot down quick prayers.  You don’t have to make it fancy, but for all you creative people out there, this is really fun.

Read the Bible

Reading the Bible is so important, but you may find that the bible is hard to read.  It’s hard to know where to start.  Do you start in the beginning or somewhere in the middle?  If you’re like me, I can’t just open the bible and start reading.  I need a place to start.

A great place to start is with a good bible study.  Start small but start.  You don’t have to read the entire bible to be close to God.  There is a lot of information to understand.  Some people like to do a “plan” to read the entire bible in a year’s time. I would not recommend that to start but it’s something you can strive for.  Find yourself some great resources and studies.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money and go out and buy books either.  You have it right at your finger tips (ha! technology again!). Even if you don’t have a bible, you get one here.

Here are a few bible studies and devotions that I have found and you can have them delivered right to your inbox

HomeWord is a great site that can get you started right off the bat.  Jim Burns is President of HomeWord and Executive Director of the HomeWord Center for Youth and Family.  He is the author of many great books including Closer: 52 Devotions to Draw Couples TogetherConfident ParentingThe Purity Code and Creating an Intimate Marriage, to name a few.   I’ve read a few of his books and I really enjoyed them.

Another great resource is Anne Graham Lotz, Billy Graham’s daughter and evangelist and the host of Angel Ministries.  She speaks around the globe and has been called the “best preacher in the family” by her father.  I personally subscribe to her daily devotion and it comes right to my email.

Joyce Meyer Ministries is another great resource.  I enjoy watching Joyce on her TV broadcasts.  She also has CD’s that you can buy (or borrow from the library) and listen to when you are driving in your car.  Joyce also has a daily bible reading that you can subscribe to.  She really knows how to convict me!

These are just a small sample of daily devotions to get you started.  Try them out, do a google search for daily devotions and see what pops up.  If you don’t like one, try a different one.  We all have different tastes and opinions, but I’m sure there is a perfect one out there for you!  If you need help, shoot me an email.  I would love to help you out!

Set Time Aside

Make the time that you study or read your bible the same time every day.  Whether its first thing in the morning, or before you go to bed.  This can really get you started and helps you remember that you are not alone, no matter what kind of day you are having/had.  It always amazes me how every single devotion that I have gotten in my inbox pertained to something that I was struggling with that day, and it gave me reminders again that I am not walking alone.  I don’t know about you but I need that reminder constantly.

You don’t have to set your alarm for the crack of dawn (although, you can certainly do that if you need less sleep) I’m not the type of person that can do that (just being honest).  I wish I could.  For me, first thing in the morning is pretty quick.  I spend about 10 minutes reading and praying instead of watching the news (which I do like to do).  My personal goal is to try to increase this time every day.

I also like to dive in right before I fall asleep, although once my head hits the pillow, it’s hard for me to stay awake.  Or maybe, if you have a lunch break at work, or while the kids are napping, this could be a great time as well.  It’s all up to you and what works best for your scheduled.  Take advantage of those quiet moments instead of filling them up with those “noisy” things.

Remember that these tips are only tools to help you get started in your journey.  Don’t beat yourself up if you struggle, and don’t let that hinder you from doing better.  Make time today to really spend time with God.